Prospectus of the Design-of-Creation Society

There is no denying the fact that since the dawn of the modern age scholarly researches have greatly contributed to the development of human society. Their common methodology has been the treatment of the object of each field of study from a basically materialistic point of view, and it has been conducted with the implicit assumption that such a method guarantees the objectivity of the study and is an essential condition for scholarly researches. It is undeniable that we have enjoyed their successful results to a tremendous degree.

However, there is bound to be a limitation to such an attitude of treating any object of study as a material object, above all, to the assumption that we can deal with mind, life, and the universe, especially, the issues of their origins and evolutions, from a purely materialistic point of view.

Today there is every sign of the conventional ways of research coming to a deadlock and its breakthrough being looked for. The so-called Intelligent Design Theory is one instance, which now shows the sign of steadily pervading the scientific community, in spite of bitter antagonism.

Is our universe a mere machine where 'design' is not involved, namely, intention, planning, or purpose? We do not think of the universe that way. Is it only blind, mechanical causes that are at work in the natural world? We do not have such a picture of the natural world. Does science have nothing to do with ethics, morality and religion―the problem of how we should live? We do not take such an idea of science.

The Design-of-Creation Society takes the position that to interpret the universe as created by a Creator with a definite purpose is not against the spirit of science but, on the contrary, the most valid and effective hypothesis in searching for scientific truths.

The Design-of-Creation Society aims at rallying people of all disciplines and areas, from natural science to philosophy, medicine, technology, education, arts, under the idea of absolute values and dignity of the human being. By so doing we hope to solve the various problems remaining unsolved or unaddressed as beyond our scope, and to find ways of resolving actual difficulties we face today, therewith contributing to the establishment of the world of eternal peace and blissfulness.

Grounded on the foregoing considerations, we here propose the establishment of the Design-of-Creation Society.

 September 29, 2004 Names of Proponents


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